5 Tips on Using Grow Tents for Maximum Yield

Here are some tips which will come in handy which growing plants using grow tents.

Grow Tent Quality:

Before purchase any type of grow tent check the quality. You do need a grow tent that will whither away after some time. Or has poor stitches so that they wear off easily. You need a strong and rigid grow tent. For this purpose we recommend Gorilla Grow tent. However, you are free to choose any grow tent. Just ensure it is of top quality and has some kind of warranty.

Grow Tent Placement:

Ensure that your grow tent is placed in a place where it won’t be disturbed from everyday life. For example, it is unwise to keep your grow tent in your hall. Keep it in a place where the only time you visit is to see your grow tent. This provides the grow tents and the plants a place of no disturbance. And this tip alone has proven to increase the yield of crops.

You will also need copious amount of water and electric supplies. Therefore. ensure that your grow tent is placed near both. Moreover, you need extra room to place all the kits that come with a grow tent.

Buy Two Grow Tents:

Have a couple of Grow tents at your disposal. Depending only on one grow tent will reduce your progress drastically. First of all you won’t be able to harvest around the year with one grow tent. If you had two or three grow tents then you can spread your plants around the season ensuring year around harvest. Another advantage of having several grow tents is that if a project fails the other keeps you going. We suggest purchasing a 8×8 grow tent as primary and 4×4 grow tent as secondary.

Or Buy A Single Large Grow Tent:

If you don’t want to buy several grow tents then your best option is to buy a large grow tents. You can grow your plants separately in this grow tent. It will take a large space but won’t be much trouble as in two or three grow tents. Grow tents of the 10×20 or even 10×10 are great for most people.

Control Temperature:

Temperatures within grow tents fluctuate easily. Therefore, it is vital to control temperature level. Buy a thermometer and humidity level checker. This is will indicate if the temperature is too high or too low. Depending upon the plant you are growing you can adjust the temperature. The same goes for humidity levels. It shouldn’t be high or mold will grow. On the other hand a low humidity level will encourage mites and spiders.

Follow this 5 tips and you are sure to increase your grow tent yield.