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How to create your own grow room

Building a grow room can be a rewarding experience for many growers. However, this can be very challenging if you are building you are building a grow room for the first time. So how can you create your own grow room without hassle? In fact, setting up a good grow room is very simple if only you keep some few things in mind. Here are simple steps on how to create your own grow room.

#1. Choose a suitable grow space

You can use any space in your house as a grow room. However, you might consider choosing the space that you don’t use frequently. For instance, you can create the best grow room in your attic, garage, and even closets. However, your room is accessible to adequate supply of electricity and clean water. Moreover, the floors of the proffered grow room should be covered in tile, cement, or wood. Ideally, you should avoid the space that has carpets because molds and fungus quickly infest them.

#2. Create the floor plan

You should draw out the floor plan on the paper rather than blindly setting up the grow room. This will give you an idea of how much space you will have for your grow room. Moreover, it will save you money because you will avoid reworks. Once you have created a floor plan, it will help you buy the right things such as fans, vents, and lights. In your plan, there should be adequate space for the plants to grow.

#3. Set up the insulation

The walls of your room should be insulated to provide protection against external environmental conditions. In this case, you should use Mylar because it keeps out moisture. Just tack this insulating material onto the walls. It also helps reflect light back to the plants eliminating the need of installing additional reflection methods.

#4. Install the grow lights

In every 6 feet of your grow room, you will require 600 Watts lighting. When installing the lighting system, run the wires in a safe place to avoid fire hazards. Ideally, you should integrate your lighting system with a timer to allow on/off switching of the lights at specific times.

#5. Install the intake fans and exhaust

Good air circulation in the grow room is essential for the healthy growth of the plants. The intake fan brings in fresh air while exhaust removes hot air from the grow room. In this case, the intake fan should be smaller than output fan to allow a natural flow of air in the grow room. You may consider installing heater if you live in colder climates. Also, you may need to install CO2 generators to supply carbon dioxide to the grow room.

#6. Set up hydroponic growing system

You can buy the complete kit from the hydroponic store or assemble one by yourself. This is the perfect way to deliver right nutrients to your plants. Installing a hydroponics system is simple and don’t take much of your time.


Setting up a grow room may seem daunting for many people, especially beginners. However, with these simple steps on how to create your own grow room; you will be ready for planting time.

SuperRoom 9 x 9 LED Grow Room for Hydroponics

Owning a growing room has become increasingly popular, especially in the western United States. Traditional grow rooms are difficult to maintain and require an enormous amount of equipment that can be more costly than beneficial.

You never have to worry about that again with your hydroponics with the SuperRoom 9 x 9 LED Grow Room by SuperCloset.

What to Look for in a Growth Room

· Space – Want to grow 20 to 30 different plants in your grow room? Traditional grow rooms are difficult to manage with an abundance of plants. However, the SuperRoom 9 x 9 LED Grow Room has the space to fit up to 30, 5-gallon, soil pots.

· Lighting (with Timer) – So regardless of what you want to grow, your plants require a certain amount of light on and light off times. This helps stimulate the growth of the plant (though planting time with light should be researched as it differs from plant-to-plant). This indoor LED grow room has professionally installed lights with easy

This indoor grow room features LED lights, which are less harsh on plants and are more realistic of the sun than fluorescence lights. This means less time in the grow room with stronger, sturdier plants. This also means lower electricity bills since they produce half the electricity than HPS lights.

· Circulation fans – It’s imperative to have a nice inline fan and active internal circulation fans for your grow room. Proper circulation helps eliminate bug problems, mold and mildew. This also mimics the “breeze” of the outside, stimulating plant growth even further.

Additional Enhancements for the SuperRoom 9 x 9 LED Grow Room

Overall, this LED Grow Room is one of the few professionally installed LED grow rooms that provides you with every tool you need for success. However, if you are more dedicated to your grow room – they have even more additions you can add to your purchase.

1. Stealth RO Water Filter – This helps with securing good watering and drainage from your grow room planters.

2. TechnaFlora Nutrient Super Pack – Fertilizer and mixture of plant food to help plants grow stronger and sturdier.

3. Total Germination Package – Completely germinated seeds quicker for quicker sprouting plants.

Other additions include:

· Super CO2 Kit

· 2 Foot Grow Tent Height Extension Kit

· Method 7 Growing Glass

Get the Best Grow Room for a Smooth Experience

SuperCloset premiers an authentic SuperRoom 9 x 9 LED grow room that will help every grower looking to get their foot in the door with a new indoor garden. The features and guarantees are too good to pass up.